Using free mortgage calculators

Basic loan payment calculators are just one of the endless types of free online calculators that can help you analyze your real estate transaction. You will find calculators to help you determine your debt-to-income ratio, loan and tax cost calculators, tax and investment calculators, and more.

Credit qualification calculators

Credit qualification calculators

Online payment calculators give you the ability to analyze slightly different changes to your payment scenario. They help you determine what combination of elements must be put together to get the best home loan. Mortgage Loan Calculator is fast and easy to use. Just include the loan amount, loan length and interest rate to calculate your monthly payment.

You can view a depreciation schedule that allows you to see how much each payment is applied to principal and interest. Scroll down to find another calculator that shows you results before paying off your loan. offers a What’s Missing calculator. For example, if you know the payday, term and loan amount, it calculates the interest rate. If you know the loan amount, term and interest rate, it calculates the payment.

Credit comparison calculators

Credit comparison calculators

Loan comparison calculators allow you to compare many aspects of two or more different home loans.

Loan calculator offers a calculator that lets you look at a 30- and 15-year mortgage.

The mortgage professor’s fixed mortgage ARM calculator helps you decide which of these two types of loans is best for your needs.

Refinancing and home equity calculators

Refinancing and home equity calculators

This Debt Consolidation Calculator helps you determine if you should consolidate your debt with a home equity loan or other mortgage. It also calculates how many months it will take to break even at the closing cost.

More calculators

Other useful categories of mortgage calculators:

Disbursement calculators show how an extra payment will affect your credit.

Taxes and Investments Calculators help you determine capital gains for sale, analyze cash flow and net worth of an investment property purchase, or simply find out how much you save on taxes when you own a home.

PMIs and accurate calculators help you determine if it’s best to save for a bigger drop before you buy a home, or go with less down and buy private mortgage insurance (PMI). You will also find calculators associated with the purchase of points to reduce the interest rate.

You have thousands and thousands of calculators online to help you sell or buy a home. Take some time to explore them.

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