Month: May 2020

Too much in debt? Do you want to get rid of these debts and start from scratch completely? This post will show you a good solution! See for a summary

Know that even to negotiate you can count on the resources of the internet, taking advantage of the convenience and agility that it offers. Here’s how to negotiate debt online!

The Clean Name of Good Lenders

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Clean Name Online is an initiative of Good Lenders, a credit protection agency. The user must access the Clean Name Online page on the Good Lenders website and follow the guidelines. It is necessary to make a registration informing data such as name, CPF, date of birth, e-mail and cell phone and create a password.

Through the tool, the person will be able to negotiate debts online with partner companies of the site. Payment options are offered and it is possible to print the ticket to pay at banks or lottery shops.

It is a quick, safe and discreet solution, which does not expose the consumer and allows him to be more comfortable to regularize his situation.

The Right Deal Solution

Through the Deal Agreement platform, it is also possible to negotiate debt online for free. As on the Good Lenders website, it is necessary to initially register with personal data. Once you enter the main page, you must inform your CPF in order to proceed.

With your registration, the platform locates your debts with any of the partner companies. Proposals are intermediated by the website itself, which gets in touch by phone, but can send the slips by email.

The Right Agreement also allows the debtor to make a proposal to a company that is not yet a partner and to verify its position in the face of the offer.

The Credisure Group Online Negotiator

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This is another option for those who want to negotiate their debts online. It is also necessary to make a registration informing name, CPF, date of birth and zip code of residence.

With a username and password, you can access the Online Trader and be aware of the payment methods. If you are not satisfied, the debtor can make your counter offer. When both parties reach a consensus, the person will be able to generate, print and pay the ticket, clearing his name and regaining credit in commerce.

The advantages of online trading

The advantages of online trading

Negotiating debts online offers great advantages that are not found when we negotiate in person:

  • more convenience and privacy;
  • agility (negotiation takes place in a timely manner, without bureaucracy);
  • more security (the websites mentioned belong to serious companies whose purpose is really to help the consumer) –
  • it eliminates the tension that many debtors can feel when they have to negotiate their debts in person, avoiding conflicts;
  • increases the chances of an effective agreement.

Disadvantage: some experts say that when negotiating in person the debtor shows willingness to resolve the situation, which guarantees him greater discounts.

Situations that can get your name dirty


Once you are able to negotiate your debts online, do everything you can to not return to this situation. There are common ways that can foul your name and create serious problems such as bad checks, unpaid purchases on a credit card and stores booklets, loans overdue financial, securities and protested lawsuits. Do your best to avoid them!

Do you intend to negotiate debt online? It’s a lot easier, isn’t it? Enrich the post with your comment.